The Great Lizard Escapade

        Wish I was in Tijuana eating barbequed iguana!

        Not! This does not taste like chicken to me, even with the mango marinade.

        Let him cool, freeze him, and think of plan B...

        Stew is plan B. Lots of spices. Lots. To get rid of that lizard taste hopefully.

        Two hours boiling away. Time to get the meat off the bones. I don't like bones in my stew! It does come of pretty easily.

        Now we're cooking! A couple cans of diced tomatoes, carrots, onions, black beans, kidney beans,
        a hand full of rice, celery, some red pepper and a couple of cans of corn. Boil it some more!

        Final result: edible. But it still does not taste like chicken.
        I've been told this one was just too big, too old, and too tough.
        Stewed with the spices, it no longer tastes like a lizard.
        But it's still a bit tough with a strange texture.
        Certainly worth doing, and probably worth doing again.
        I'll try for a smaller one next time!

        Maybe not as tough, and I won' have to make as much stew.
        Nobody else in the house wanted to eat it...

Last revised: October 27, 2015 .